I’m leaving The Coast

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I moved to Halifax on December 1, 2004, thinking I’d probably never again have a job in journalism. But because Kyle Shaw and Christine Oreskovich took a huge chance with me, in the summer of 2006 I landed a gig freelancing the Sustainable City column with The Coast. In December of 2007, I was hired on full-time as News Editor. It’s been an incredible journey ever since; Kyle and Christine gave me the freedom to grow professionally and a platform to develop a voice and readership that wouldn’t otherwise be available. It’s been great fun.

But it’s time for a change, and so I’ll soon be leaving The Coast. My last day in the office will be March 28. The decision to leave wasn’t made lightly, but it’s the right thing for me at this point in my life. I will forever be grateful to my bosses Kyle and Christine, my editorial colleagues Allison, Steph, Lindsay, and the rest of the crew. I’ll miss them and all the other wonderful people I’ve worked with through the years. The Coast is a worthy organization and a positive asset for Halifax.

I’ll devote myself to my duties at The Coast for the next couple of weeks, and help in any way I can to make the transition easier.

What’s next? Well, I very much need some down time. If spring ever finally arrives, I’ll plant a garden. And I’m going to vacation in California, to visit with old friends I haven’t seen in too long. After that, I don’t know exactly. Maybe I’ll get a job, flipping burgers or tending bar. Maybe I’ll develop an amphetamine addiction and write science fiction. Maybe something else. Who knows? I’ll figure it out.

Oh, please make note of my non-Coast email: TimBousquet@yahoo.com, and I’d be most grateful if you’d follow me on Twitter @Tim_Bousquet. I’ll keep in touch—promise!



  1. Wishing you well, Tim Bousquet. For me, STRANGELY, one of the reminders of what I liked about my 5 years at City Hall. Keep the peace, brother, and enjoy your journey.

  2. Hey Tim… congrats on all your contributions to Halifax and The Coast. It’s been a pleasure to follow your work from afar. All the best in your future endeavours.

  3. Tim continually made me aware of the stories I didn’t know that we needed to know; the hidden fights of people in the city, and the injustices, both big and small, that keep this city from pushing its potential.

  4. First Strombo, now you! Wishing you all the best in this next chapter of your life. Your ability to know the pulse of the City will be missed by the Coast readership.

  5. Sad news.. we’ve been privileged to have your journalism in our city. Please consider doing special reports from time to time.

  6. Halifax NEEDS you. everyone else covering city politics seems like a gutless turd or a shameless shill to me. i for one am very sad to see you leave. my very best wishes for you and yours, but secretly i hope you find your leave of absence very boring and come back soon.

  7. Good luck Tim. It was a pleasure to have met you and hear your interesting ideas, if only briefly. If I may — and many readers are not old enough to understand this –I’d like to say you are exactly the type of journalist we would have loved to have with us at The 4th Estate newspaper in Halifax in the 1970s. Spread your wisdom far and wide!

  8. Tim, please confirm with all, rumor has it you will be running for HRM District 13 in 2016, please confirm or deny. Many think this would be a great move for you given your skill set and knowledge of politics…

  9. Very sorry to lose the edge and honesty that you bring to analysis of city politics but I’m sure you’ll keep writing. Enjoy your next chapter. Perhaps one day you’ll run for Council? 😉

  10. Thank you for the dedication and dogged harassment of our former worship Mr Kelly. Now please help pick a successor a bit more objective but with you basic journalistic investigative sence.

  11. Tim Bousquet is the best journalist, along with Ralph Surette, I have ever read in Halifax…a hero in this city who has shone the light on those who have cast their crooked, dark cloud way too long around here. This is a huge loss for HRM for who has been as dogged in their digging; as stalwart in their truth seeking; as courageous in their coverage as Tim Bousquet? So many good Halifax journalistic writers have lost their vehicles for airing stories. The Coast is the only news outlet where investigative reporting seems to exist any more in HRM and Tim was a big factor in making this the case. So much of how the powers that be and the citizenry act around here is about putting on airs; being out for themselves, not for the community; becoming big toads in very small ponds; creating white elephants of enterprise and pompous projects for the benefit of the few.

    I pray there is talent out there who have known Bousquet; read and studied his approach enough to continue his type of research-driven, ethical reporting to counter balance a country in which many successful journalists have succumbed to greed and unethical practises. We sorely need truth seekers with well-honed thinking and research skills to bring the facts together and present air tight cases of what’s really going on rather than the smoke screens of deception of a political sphere where all too often the end justifies the means in the quest for power, wealth and prestige. It’s going to be difficult to replace a talent like his but I hope The Coast will make it happen by not settling for less than the standard he has set. Readers have come to look to this rag t to lead us out of the mire the nepotism, greed, corruption and stupidity have caked us with in the place where Joseph Howe once stood and declared the freedom of the press.

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