Month: March 2014

I’m leaving The Coast

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I moved to Halifax on December 1, 2004, thinking I’d probably never again have a job in journalism. But because Kyle Shaw and Christine Oreskovich took a huge chance with me, in the summer of 2006 I landed a gig freelancing the Sustainable City column with The Coast. In December of 2007, I was hired on full-time as News Editor. It’s been an incredible journey ever since; Kyle and Christine gave me the freedom to grow professionally and a platform to develop a voice and readership that wouldn’t otherwise be available. It’s been great fun.

But it’s time for a change, and so I’ll soon be leaving The Coast. My last day in the office will be March 28. The decision to leave wasn’t made lightly, but it’s the right thing for me at this point in my life. I will forever be grateful to my bosses Kyle and Christine, my editorial colleagues Allison, Steph, Lindsay, and the rest of the crew. I’ll miss them and all the other wonderful people I’ve worked with through the years. The Coast is a worthy organization and a positive asset for Halifax.

I’ll devote myself to my duties at The Coast for the next couple of weeks, and help in any way I can to make the transition easier.

What’s next? Well, I very much need some down time. If spring ever finally arrives, I’ll plant a garden. And I’m going to vacation in California, to visit with old friends I haven’t seen in too long. After that, I don’t know exactly. Maybe I’ll get a job, flipping burgers or tending bar. Maybe I’ll develop an amphetamine addiction and write science fiction. Maybe something else. Who knows? I’ll figure it out.

Oh, please make note of my non-Coast email:, and I’d be most grateful if you’d follow me on Twitter @Tim_Bousquet. I’ll keep in touch—promise!